First experiment with a Status Update


Given everything that’s happened in Harlem lately, I figure it’s somewhat inappropriate to remark too widely on what I missed due to illness…so here’s that quick aside to be buried as quickly as possible under the guise of a “status update”, one of the categories in the theme I’m presently using.

I’m just grateful that a building didn’t collapse on me, as well as grateful that they might start paying attention to Harlem’s infrastructure as a result.

I spent Armory week (i.e. last week) in bed with a fever brought on by a kidney stone and possibly the flu. I missed the highlight week of the year for art world people (who aren’t rich enough for Basel or Miami). Totally missed the MoMA Armory Party. Totally missed the Whitney Biennial opening party. Totally missed catching up with the Director of the Met. Missed Volta. Missed Scope. Missed Independent. Missed Fountain. Fsck, I even missed the opening of the LAST BRUCENNIAL.

At least the Whitney Biennial is still on for a few months.

(Quick fact: biannual and semiannual actually mean the same thing, occurring twice a year. Biennial actually means “happens every two years”. But then again, if you’re an Archer fan you probably already know that.)

But, then again, I’d much rather be out a lot of art and down 63 blog posts for the year than have a building didn’t fall on me.