SSL Error? Fix it!


If you’re getting an SSL error when trying to access this site, odds are you don’t have the CAcert Root Certificate installed on your system. Here’s some handy installation instructions for you.

I use a CAcert SSL Certificate for the following reasons:

1) It’s Free, as in both “Freedom” and “Free Beer”. Using a CAcert costs only the time it takes to get assured and the time of those who have verified my identity. I don’t have to pay CAcert to use their services, saving me hundreds of dollars. However, I do volunteer my time back to the CAcert community as an assurer and I am more than willing to assure you if you’re interested in creating your own CAcert certificates. You should also consider donating to CACert.

2) It’s more secure than just buying a certificate. I could buy an SSL Certificate for a few hundred dollars from a Certificate Authority (CA) with just a credit card. Even if I did use a credit card in my own name, odds are pretty good that a randomly chosen CA is likely doing business with the NSA. Before I could get a CAcert SSL certificate, several real human beings had to verify my identity. Furthermore, thanks to diligence by the community, I believe it is far less likely that the CAcert root certificate has been compromised.

3) It’s a community effort. When given the chance, you should always support a viable community effort over a rent-seeking industry.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on this, or reach out to me to assure you.

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